Jarvis Construction, Inc.
1411 Bacons Bridge Rd.
Summerville, SC 29485
Phone: 843-875-3575


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Standard Garage

24 X 24 standard garage

  Need a garage? Our "standard" garage is a basic design. It can be seen everywhere. It consists of a foundation, four walls and a truss roof system. Add a couple of garage doors and an entry door, a window and you have your basic "standard" garage. The truss roof system can span up to 40' without support. It provides little, if any overhead storage.


Studio Garage

24 X 24 studio garage

  Need Storage?  Our "studio" garage offers all that the "standard" garage does, plus an overhead floored storage area and a permanent interior stairway for easy access. How? We build a floor system with two 1 3/4" laminated beams, a 4 x 4 center support, 2x8 floor joists and a 5/8" plywood sub floor. Then, we add 2x8 rafters with an 8/12 pitch that provides ample overhead storage.


24 X 24 studio 10

  Need more than storage? Our studio 10 and 12 offer more than storage. By using 10' and 12' side walls and dropping the floor system inside to 8', the upper section starts out with a lot more room. 2x8 floor joists on 16" centers and 2 x 8 rafters add a lot more support. Add electrical, heating and air, insulation, wallboard and a little trim and you have an extra, inexpensive recreational space.